About Celestolite

Celestolite is a prestige skin care brand that offers its customers a true ‘star’ experience. Each Celestolite collection is specially formulated with signature ingredient: powdered meteorite.

What on Earth is Meteorite Powder Doing in Skin Care?

Meteorites have fascinated mankind for centuries, and today scientists and laypersons alike are still intrigued by these celestial gifts to Earth. Researchers have found that calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals make up the composition of meteorites. Due to its mineral-rich composition, meteorite powder has been found to be extremely beneficial to the skin when applied topically.

To achieve optimal results, skin needs more than just minerals alone. That’s why we’ve taken nature’s most effective botanicals and paired them with scientifically proven ingredients. This has allowed us to create product lines that target the most common skin issues while preventing future signs of aging.

You are an individual- shouldn’t your skin care be too? Pamper your face with luxurious formulas that help renew a healthy glow. Celestolite is honored to part of your beauty and self care routine. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to reach for the stars.

galaxy image with shooting star
cosmic collection with space background