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Using innovative powdered meteorite, Celestolite has been recognized as a unique line which offers every woman a true ‘star’ experience.

Why Meteorites?
Meteorites have fascinated mankind for centuries, and today scientists and laypersons alike are still intrigued by these celestial gifts to Earth. As they are rich in amazing minerals, Celestolite contains all of the natural benefits of these stardust nutrients. Researchers have found that calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals make up the composition of meteorites.

Years of analysis were poured into creating Celestolite, and the results shows. We’ve taken nature’s most effective botanicals and paired them with scientifically researched ingredients to design collections which will help you see results.

Each collection includes an amazing routine, with each product’s ingredients carefully selected to care for the concerns of a specific skin type. You are an individual- shouldn’t your skin care be too? Pamper your face with luxurious formulas that help renew a healthy glow. Each of the three collections provides premium benefits, all suited to certain needs and featuring the signature ingredient, meteorite dust.


  • The Venus Sensitive collection was specially created just for delicate skin types that need gentle, hypoallergenic care. Replenishing botanicals extracts from aloe, calendula, jojoba, and olive oil infuse these products to give sensitive skin the love it needs.
  • Jade Spectra, an anti-aging collection, uses luxurious ingredients including extracts of green tea, herbs and exciting super fruits in the products to help rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin and minerals boost the deeply nourishing properties.
  • Renew your skin’s elasticity with the Cosmic Firming collection. Formulated with collagen, DMAE, squalene and plant extracts, these products create a foundation for increased skin refreshing and make skin feel more supple.

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