See the future happen now with Celestolite, exclusive luxury skin care featuring authentic powdered meteorites. This stardust isn’t just an innovative trend favored by celebrities and famous estheticians. Rich in minerals, meteorite works synergistically with our other premium ingredients to silence aging and to help rejuvenate and repair your skin’s appearance. (More goes to About pg)

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Venus Sensitive Skin Collection





Ideal Care

Every person is an individual- and your skin has unique needs. We don’t offer one size fits all skin care: each collection is carefully designed to provide benefits to treat a specific concern. Together, these collections care for all skin types, so one is just right for you. See the difference in experience: our world revolves around ensuring your products are perfect for your skin. We are committed to bringing you the best. Each face has their ideal Celestolite care, find yours today.

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Cosmic Firming Collection

Knowledge of

Science and Nature Combined

While our signature ingredient is powdered meteorite, our formulations use additional cutting-edge science, along with the best of nature, for skin care that truly performs. We know you want the best for your skin, and so do we. Our products are created with proven ingredients chosen with the understanding we have from our years of experience. Selected to give precise solutions to your skin care concerns, these luxurious ingredients help renew skin to a fresh, glowing appearance and supple feel.

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